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Clerical Assistant Outline


Mode of Delivery: Online

This course comprises 13  units and will be delivered over 6  weeks. After registration is completed and payments made, students would be issued the link and corresponding password to access study materials.  

The main course materials will be accessible via the school’s virtual learning environment. Tasks are inclusive of, but not limited to:

  •  Independent activities – problem solving
  • Case studies and presentations
  • Responding to scenarios
  • Discussions
  • Self-assessment quizzes



 1.     Each week you will be provided with guidance on particular topics to focus on, but you must also be prepared to  work independently through all the course material. Classes begin on Monday, on a pre-arranged date.  Students are required to read the materials posted, as well as submit the corresponding assignments.

 2.     All weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted by 11:59pm on the Sunday of the same week.


Role of the Clerical Assistant,   Work Ethics, Organizational Chart, Importance of Filing, Preparing to File, Filing Systems, Filing and Indexing,  Filing Cabinets, Electronic Filing, Handling Mail, Telephone Reception, Front Desk Reception, Interviews