Let's talk about Accreditation

Posted by Administrative Career Training and Recruitment Agency on October 5, 2014 at 5:10 PM

Let’s talk about: Accreditation. Accreditation generally means that a provider or programme has been evaluated by an independent group, and meets the standards of that accrediting agency. In this day of diploma mills, whereby a student could pay for a degree without lifting as much as a pencil, ACTT plays a vital role as all foreign degrees have to be accredited locally to ensure that the student had actually completed all the course work and that the university/college is legit.

Short courses are generally not accredited, as many are simply career enhancement programmes, such as professional short courses and computer literacy courses. They are not meant to substitute for degree programmes and longer courses, which require more commitment of time and money.

Still, as most job seekers would know, having an accredited degree does not guarantee that you would get a job. For that matter, maybe with the exception of government agencies, private business owners do not really care about accreditation. They would hardly ever ask about it in a job interview. Most of them started their businesses without the benefit of a degree, similar to the world famous college dropouts: Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg.

Accreditation could never substitute for the most important attributes that employers look for:

1. A good attitude

2. Willingness to learn

3. Company loyalty


Having an accredited degree doesn’t indicate if you would be punctual to work or stay away from gossip or not steal company’s stationery or take only one hour for lunch or refrain from texting during your workday or not use the company’s phone to make personal calls. In essence, finding the ideal employee is a lot more challenging to an employer than just reviewing a resume and cover letter.


For small business owners, who are closely attached to their companies, a valuable employee is one who actually cares about the business and is committed to its success. These owners generally are wary of candidates with degrees, accredited or not, as many of them go into the workplace feeling entitled to a big salary just because they have a degree. Such workers bring little or no value and are not willing to learn because they already feel that they know everything. As an employer, I would rather hire someone with no CXC who would either save the company money or earn money for the company, above his/her salary, rather than someone with a degree who would just sit on a chair and expect to collect a salary at the end of the month.


I am not trying to downplay the sacrifice and determination that is required to complete a degree, but as many of the jobless or underemployed graduates already know, prospective employers are not really concerned about the effort you put in. All that they are interested in is finding the kind of candidate that has the necessary skills that would bring value to the business.


Our short courses are practical and provide the type of skills that employers are looking for. Even government institutions send their staff for training. Our recruitment agency receives daily emails from employers seeking the ideal candidate for their businesses. We shortlist our students and recommend 3 or 4 of the most suitable ones. Accreditation has never come up. However, the attitude of the prospective candidates always do.


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